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According to the 2006 Census of population the population of Carrickmacross Urban area was 1,973, up from 1,964 in 2002 (+0.5%). In the same period the population of the Environs rose from 1,816 in 2002 to 2,414 in 2006 (+22.5%).



The National Spatial Strategy 2002-2020 states that towns such as Carrickmacross, which is located within the eastern part of the Border region, can promote themselves more effectively in the context of the strength of Dundalk and Monaghan.

The Border Regional Planning Guidelines identifies Carrickmacross as a medium seized town for urban strengthening. These are towns with a population of between 1,500 and 5,000 (as per the NSS) which are in need of urban strengthening, and which would perform an important role in driving the development of a particular spatial component, either individually or in groups.

The recently adopted County Monaghan Development Plan 2007-2013 identifies Carrickmacross as one of the principal settlements within the county that serve as the primary residential, employment, service and retail centre (tier 2 town). The settlement strategy indicates that Carrickmacross should be developed around urban areas in order to restrict sprawl. All developments should accommodate an appropriate range of facilities and services in accordance with the settlement hierarchy and provide infrastructure and services necessary to accommodate future growth. The plan also promotes the use of back lands and infill/derelict sites and states that new developments should be appropriate in terms of use, siting, scale, layout, design and materials with particular regard to the surrounding area.

The Carrickmacross Town Development Plan 2007-2013 sets out the shared vision of how the sustainable and coordinated growth and development of Carrickmacross Town can be shaped in a planned manner which will also act as a catalyst for the economic, physical, cultural and environmental development of the town. Specific objectives for Carrickmacross include the following:

  • Develop the town centre as a residential, retail and services centre
  • Prepare and implement Local Area Action Plans
  • Promote the vitality and viability of the town centre by prohibiting, except in exceptional circumstances, the location of town centre uses outside the designated town centre
  • Carry out environmental improvement schemes
  • Discourage and prevent dereliction
  • Ensure sufficient parking is available for town centre uses
  • Encourage the principal of living over the shop.

Monaghan County Retail Strategy 2003: The town ranks second in the county in terms of existing retail activity and floors pace and supports a wide variety of services, convenience and comparison outlets. The Strategy supports the equivalent of a new supermarket (1,500 sq.m. approx.) or a number of smaller food stores/district stores and just over 1,000 sq m net of comparison shopping in Carrickmacross by 2007. Further development in the comparison and bulky comparison sector would be dependent upon reduction in the outflow of expenditure to other retail centres in Dundalk and Dublin.

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