Carrickmacross / Carhaix Town Twinning

Carrickmacross / Carhaix Town Twinning

At a public meeting called by Carrickmacross Urban District Council in the Holy Family Hall in April 1993 a motion was passed to set up a six-person committee to seek a suitable twin town for Carrickmacross. Pádraig Breathnach, Cooleremoney, Noel Hand, Ardross Avenue, Breda Moroney-Ward, Ballybay Road, Michael Mc Mahon, Derryolam, Francie O’ Donoghue, Magheross and Róisín Smyth c/o Saint Louis Secondary School were elected to do the job and report back by April 1994.

The six committee members donated £10 (punts) each to a start up fund. Requests for patrons brought a generous financial response from: Bank of Ireland, Birdy Newsagents, Capaldi Office Supplies, Carrick Travel, Conagra Ltd (proprietor Michael Mc Evoy) Nuremore Hotel. Shirley Arms Hotel, Inver College, Patrician High School, Saint Louis Secondary School and Valley Lodge Pub (proprietor Eamonn Traynor).

With resource material from Carrickmacross Tourist Association, Monaghan Tourist Association, Carrickmacross Tidy Towns Committee, The Arts Festival Organisers, The Kavanagh Yearly Committee, and Carrickmacross Lace Co-op information packs about Carrickmacross, which included photographs and text in the French Language, were prepared. The packs were sent to six towns in Northern France selected from a data base of French Towns looking for an Irish twin town provided by Seán O Riordán from the Institute of Public Administration, Landsdowne Road, Dublin. Positive replies were received from all six, four of which looked particularly promising. After further research, in which Kevin Thorpe, Chairman of Rush, Co. Dublin Twinning Committee encouraged the Twinning Committee, it was decided that Carhaix was the best match for Carrickmacross. (Rush is twinned with Gourin which is not far from Carhaix. Kevin had been to Carhaix a few times and knew Carrickmacross).

        Coupe de Jumelage in Carrickmacross
Carrick Rovers hosted a group of young soccer players from Carhaix in Brittany at the weekend. 
        Full details here >>

        French Ambassador Visits Carrickmacross
The French Ambassador to Ireland, M. Jean-Pierre Thebault, visited Carrickmacross on Friday morning last to 
        meet the members of the local twinning committee. 
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        Carrickmacross and Carhaix Celebrate Twenty Years of Town Twinning
The twentieth anniversary of successful town twinning between Carrickmacrosss and Carhaix was celebrated in the
        Breton town over the Easter week-end in the presence of a large group of Irish visitors, including members of the
        local Comhaltas group.
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        Carrickmacross-Carhaix Twinning Cup 2015
The journey of the young footballers to France began on a bleak Thursday morning when they left Carrickmacross,
        destined for Carhaix.
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        Carrick Rovers in Successful French Visit
        A group of young soccer players from the Carrick Rovers club spent the recent Bank Holiday week end
        in Carhaix as part of the ongoing Town Twinning project.
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        Carrick Rovers team to visit Carhaix;
 Members of the very successful Under-16 Carrick Rovers soccer team are making a trip to Carrickmacross’s twin town, Carhaix,
        on the Bank Holiday week-end to play for the Coupe de Jumélage.
        Full details here >>

        Carrickmacross/ Carhaix Town Twinning Annual Meeting 2015;
The Annual General Meeting of the Carrickmacross / Carhaix Town Twinning Association
        was held in the Shirley Arms Hotel on 25th January 2015
        Full details here >>

twinning apr08 1Visit L’école de Musique du Poher, Carhaix; hosted by Carrickmacross branch of Comhaltas,
9th – 13th April 2014
Full details here >>

Visit Of Carhaix Delegation To Carrickmacross
On Wednesday 9th April 2014, Marie-Louise Huiban, the President of the Carhaix / Carrickmacross Twinning Association, led a group of Breton musicians and members of the Twinning Association on a visit to Carrickmacross for Féile Patrick Byrne, 2014.
Full details here >>

Town Twinning AGM 2014
Report on the Annual General Meeting of The Carrickmacross/Carhaix Town Twinning Association held on 3rd February 2014.
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Féile Patrick Byrne 2013
Hoéla Barbadette, a harpist and Kevin Ruellan who plays clarinet and bombard arrived in Carrickmacross on Saturday, March 23rd to join local traditional Irish musicians for the Féile Patrick Byrne annual celebration.
Full details here >>

La Coupe de Jumelage 2012
Fourteen French under 17 soccer players with their coach Paul Bernard and Club Dernières Cartouches de Carhaix club officers Christian Cloarec, Philippe Connan and Jean Michel Morvan arrived in Carrickmacross on Sunday, October 28th.
Full details here >>

october2011 4 275x207Carrickmacross Welcomes Carhaix School Group 2012
The Carrickmacross-Carhaix Twinning Association played host to a group of fifty-two students from College St. Trémeur in Carhaix along with their teachers on Thursday, March 22nd.  The students are studying English and History with a particular emphasis on the Famine in Ireland.
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October 2011 – Soccer Weekend
Carrickmacross Rovers under 16 squad, team coach Francis Matthews with coaching assistants Peter Maxwell and Gary Mc Carthy were in France for the third in a series of inter club games with Twin Town Club DC de Carhaix.
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March 2011 – Group of Adults Visit from Carhaix
A group of adults from Carhaix were in Carrickmacross in March and walked with members of Carrickmacross/Carhaix Town Twinning Association in the St Patrick’s Day Parade.
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May 2010 – Young Musicians Travel to Carhaix
A group of 14 young musicians drawn from Ceoltóirí Drumlin, the local branch of Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Eireann, travelled to Carhaix on Friday, May 14th.
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November 2009 – Soccer Exchange
On Sunday, October 25th 2009, a group of eighteen 15-16 year old players from our Twin Town Soccer Club DC de Carhaix arrived in Carrickmacross
Full details here >>

July 2008 – Adult Group Holiday
Twenty five adults had a most enjoyable and relaxing holiday in France from July 5th to July 12th.
towntwinning october2008 2 220x146Full details here >>

October 2008 – Soccer Exchange
Team managers accompanied fourteen under 15-year-old soccer players on an exchange programme to Carhaix from October 26th to October 29th.
Full details here >>

New Street Names in Carhaix
Carhaix Municipal Council have honoured us by naming one street in a new housing development rue de Carrickmacross while another street in the same area will be known as rue d’Irlande.
(Carrickmacross Street and Ireland Street)



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