Monaghan Social Inclusion week 2016

Monaghan Social Inclusion week 2016

RISING-TO-INCLUSION-FINALSocial Inclusion week “Monaghan Rising to Inclusion”  will take place from June 20th – June 25th

Monaghan Social Inclusion week is upon us once again. The annual weeklong programme of events to celebrate equality and inclusion is taking place from June 20th – June 26th this year and promises to be another week of celebration and activity. A wide range of events, activities and celebrations will take throughout the week that raise awareness of the many different supports that are available to people who may feel socially excluded and to raise awareness throughout the county of the barriers some people in our society experience on a daily basis.

This year’s social inclusion week looks back to the ideals within the 1916 Proclamation that pledged “equal rights and equal opportunities to all its citizens” an ideal still cherished in 2016.

The truth is, every day in Monaghan, Ireland and the rest of the world people are often treated differently because they are different, they feel excluded. But Monaghan social inclusion week group led by Monaghan county council want everyone to feel is ok to be different.

Social inclusion week asks everyone to celebrate being different because we are all different. Just because someone is different to you doesn’t mean they should be treated different to you.

Each of the five towns will be decorated with bunting symbolising the multiculturalism and diversity of county Monaghan. The bunting includes flags from across the globe and the rainbow flag each flag represents someone in Monaghan and shows that each person in an equal part of the landscape of the county.

Have a look at this year’s calendar of events and be sure to come along to some of the great activities that are taking place. The grand finale of our Social Inclusion week will be “Dancing to Inclusion” a wonderful project involving Cairde activation centre and Monaghan Integrated Development where local people with disabilities have been teamed up people in the community and learning some great dance moves in a Strictly Come Dancing project. They will but on display their dance moves in the Peace Link Clones on Friday 24th June at 7.30pm admission is free and everyone is welcome.

View full calendar of events here >>


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