John Coleman

John Coleman

John ColemanJohn Coleman, President & Chief Operating Officer, Bose Corporation.

How long did you work at Bose in Carrickmacross?
From 1978 to 1995 – and I enjoyed every minute.

What was your impression of Carrickmacross while you worked here?
It was a very friendly town with a great work ethic. I love the way the main street has been refurbished.

Had you a background in sound research or development before joining Bose?
No, my background was in Human Resources and General Management.

What do technology companies like Bose consider before locating in a town such as Carrickmacross?
Infrastructure – including telecommunications, roads, and other services. In addition the availability of the appropriate skills to run a business, as well as easy access to the parts and components for the products.

Bose has a commitment to research “turning fiction in to reality” – what role will audio play in the house of the future?
As homes become more and more networked, I believe audio will play an even more central role in home entertainment.

Considering the Bose facility in Carrickmacross is only one of many world-wide, was it a natural progression to the Presidency of Bose?
No – it wasn’t a natural progression at all. Like a number of other people who worked in the plant in Carrickmacross that have come to the United States, this is based on living the Bose values, hard work, and performance.

What role does the President of a corporation the size of Bose play?
Setting strategy in consultation with key executives; ensuring operational efficiency; communicating the need for these; and the results – among other things, with all employees. Also ensuring that we take a bifocal approach to our business, addressing today’s market realities, while ensuring our decisions keep the long run success of the company in mind.

As a highly successful Irishman in the U.S., what are the key factors which lead to your success?
“In order to be better, you have to be different” – this is the heart of the Bose strategy. I tried to apply the same philosophy in my own work life. In addition – simple, plain old hard work, and ensuring that I always exceeded expectations.

Do you ever travel back to Carrickmacross and what is your impression of the town now compared to when you worked here?
Yes – I travel back once or twice a year. I see great changes, for the better, in the town. The one thing that hasn’t changed, which is great, is the welcome I get and the friendliness.

Many thanks John and continued success.
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