Eugene Murtagh

Eugene Murtagh

Eugene MurtaghEugene Murtagh, CEO Kingspan plc

How long has Kingspan been in operation?
The company started in the early 1960s when I was operating from my father’s backyard, making agricultural trailers and engineering parts. We then moved to the site where the current Group offices are.

How did the company get started?
I had been working in a company in Carrickmacross and I went to England for a short while with them. By the time I came back from England I had decided to leave the company and start working for myself, I was 21.

What are the company’s main products?
The company has a number of products probably the best known in this area are the insulation panels, which are manufactured in Kingscourt. Other products manufactured by Kingspan include insulation products, environmental containers and access floors.

Over the years, what impact has technology had on Kingspan’s development?
It has had a huge impact on the developments in Kingspan, from SAPs to information access. Clients can now login and generate building images, with their own specifications. Technology and access to it will continue be a major factor in the future.

What are the main factors that influence a company like Kingspan locating/buying in an area?
Access and infrastructure are major factors, everything from roads and ports to telecommunications.

Kingspan’s head office is in Kingscourt, has this been an advantage to a company which has locations world wide?
Initially, having a head office out side a main urban area was a disadvantage, because we had to convince people to move/or travel here. But now the location is great as there is no traffic congestion or any of the problems associated with being in a large urban area.

How long has Kingspan had its factory in Carrickmacross?
The factory in Carrickmacross was the company’s first acquisition, which was 25 years ago, it had been an old alcohol factory. It has been a pleasure working in Carrick, the people are great and it’s an excellent town.

As a business man what are your impressions of Carrickmacross as a location for a company like Kingspan?
Its a good location, Kingspan has operated there for 25 years. It has easy access to ports, the town is thriving and has a good workforce.

Do you consider access to IT infrastructure important in a town like Carrickmacross?
Most definitely, it is huge factor, as I mentioned Kingspan’s reliance on technology has had a big impact on our development.

What has been the key to the successful growth of Kingspan?
Focus and determination, since I started working for myself I have always been ambitious. I have always had a vision of where I wanted to be, its hard to know when you start out what things will be like 30-40 years down the line, but you have an idea of where you want to be.

Would you have any advice to offer to any one starting out in business?
Hard work is a key factor when you start out in business and its important to have a clear vision of what you want to achieve

What lies ahead for Kingspan?
Further expansion!

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Thank you for your time Eugene and continued success with Kingspan plc.
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