The Flaws

The Flaws

The FlawsThe Flaws, a four piece band from the north east.

Who’s in the band?
Finn – vocals / guitars / keys / bells / whistles
Bugsy – guitars / melodies / hair / pianos
Dane – bass / vocals / keys / computers
Colin – drums / shakers / iphones / height

Where are you from?
We are all from the north east separated by 9 miles each, dotted around the landscape in a fashion similar to the big dipper. Some friends make up the missing dots. 

How did the group get started?
Boredom and confusion as to were our strengths lie led us to become friends and a passion for music led us to start a band.

Where did the band get its name?
Bugsy our guitarist was inspired by a dream were he watched The Kinks play.
The Kinks….. The Flaws….. sameishness.

Did you play when you were at school? Did they appreciate it?
No. we all went to college first and found out that being broke wasn’t all it was made out to be. Instead of going out every Saturday night, we tried cheaper forms of entertainment, i.e. rolling the floor doing solos while one of us screamed into a mic. After that experience got boring we tried learning a few songs and then we realised we couldn’t do that so we tried writing some songs. That came a lot easier to us…

Where was your first gig?
We played a gig in Carrickmacross one night, some of the songs we tried learning was the basis for our set list. We hung up our cover band mentality shortly after. There is video footage of this, and reasons why are documented.

What was your favourite gig & why?
After Achieving Vagueness was released in September we played a gig in Whelans in Dublin and it was one of the most memorable shows. People knew the words. Even I have a hard time remembering words. But it was cool.

What’s the next step for The Flaws?
We built a fort out of blankets and pillows. We can be found there most nights writing songs for our next album.

Do you play in Carrick/Monaghan often?
The Arts Council in Monahan has been good to us and put on a few shows. But there is a problem with the scene there at the moment. It needs someone to step up to the mark and realise there is a hub of talent in Carrick and all it needs is someone with enough spark to set up a real music venue. Small in size, 100 capacity or so, if this happens Carrick will put itself on the map.

Where can people see you, listen to you music?
We’re playing our infamous xmas bash in The Spirit Store in Dundalk. That’s happening on the 20th of December. has a sampler of our first album Achieving Vagueness.


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