Proposed new sports facilities at Tullynaskeagh

Proposed new sports facilities at Tullynaskeagh

monaghancoco logoMonaghan County Council in partnership with Carrick Aces Athletic Club and Carrick Rovers  Football Club are carrying out a study to assess the potential for development of a shared Sports Complex Building on the former convents lands adjacent to the Carrick Aces running track and the new pitches development being undertaken by Carrick Rovers.

Any new facility would in both service these investments and also be made available for use by other interested clubs and community organisations. Funding is potentially available for predevelopment supports under the recently announced Large Scale Sports infrastructure fund.  Any new shared building and facilities’ would complement existing provision in the area and would service the greater South Monaghan and surrounding areas. A key part of the process is to undertake an extensive public consultation regarding the development of any new facilities.

We would appreciate if you could take a few minutes to complete this questionnaire.


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