Fine Gael are “indifferent to unemployment” – Carthy

Fine Gael are “indifferent to unemployment” – Carthy

Speaking after the July Live Register statistics showed that County Monaghan’s unemployment numbers have increased to 7,340 Sinn Féin Councillor, Matt Carthy, said that it is clear that Fine Gael, just like their Fianna Fáil predecessors, have no idea of the hardship that unemployment causes.  They have no job creation plans and continue to listen to organisations and parties like Sinn Féin who have articulated the need for a real job stimulus plan, he said. 

Cllr. Carthy said:  “When Fine Gael came into government there were 6,400 people on the live register in County Monaghan.  Despite front page stories about the need for jobs from local Fine Gael TD’s that figure has now increased to 7,340!  It is simply further proof that this government are following Fianna Fáil policy to the letter and it is causing the same devastation to families and local economies.  That the figure of 7,340 doesn’t include the thousands of people who have emigrated from our county or those who are participating in education courses or so-called Job Bridge schemes must show that we are in crisis point across the state but especially in counties like Monaghan.”

“Across the state some 19,000 more people are on the live register since this government came to power and rates of unemployment continue to increase despite high levels of emigration.  They must realise that their policies aren’t working and therefore the only conclusion that we can reach is that Fine Gael TD’s are simply indifferent to the devastating impact unemployment is causing families who are living with it and local economies that are crippled because of it.”
“The policies being pursued by this government are the same that were pursued by Fianna Fáil and they will not tackle unemployment.  This government needs to re-orientate policy and investment away from supporting Fianna Fáil’s pursuit of supporting bankers and commercial landlords and instead follow Sinn Féin’s advice by creating jobs and supporting business.”

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