Filming On The Burning Of The Wildgoose Lodge

Filming On The Burning Of The Wildgoose Lodge

Last Saturday evening, 26th July, Willie Martin and friends from Reaghstown shot further scenes at Carrickmacross Workhouse for their film on the burning of the Wildgoose Lodge, which is scheduled for release next year.

A large crowd gathered to watch the action, which included charging horses and the Fair City actor, Dave Duffy, aka Leo Dowling!

Wildgoose Lodge:
The Wildgoose Lodge was a farm building in the parish of Tallanstown-Reaghstown in Co. Louth. On the night of 29th-30th October 1816, the Lodge was set on fire, killing eight people, including a five month-old child. Eighteen men, many of them innocent, were hung for the crime – for more information, see


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