Carrickmacross Tidy Town Hosts Online National Seminar

Carrickmacross Tidy Town Hosts Online National Seminar

Shortly after the local Tidy Town Committee launched Ireland’s first Deposit Return Reverse Vending Machine at the Market Square Shopping Centre in October 2019 Reverse Vending Machine kidsit generated huge national interest. There were phone calls and emails from right across the country seeking information on how they could replicate Carrick’s novel idea. Of course the idea was not new to other European countries and one of the main objectives of the local Tidy Town Committee was to influence government national policy and get the scheme up and running in Ireland. Despite initial disinterest from some of the powers that be the system is now one of the main environmental objectives of the current government. So, mission accomplished in that regard.

Following the huge interest back at the beginning of 2020 the local Tidy Town Committee decided to host a national seminar in the town and invite the various interested groups to hear their story so far. As we all know, Covid 19 emerged so the seminar had to be postponed to a later date. The current situation led to the committee deciding to host a national online seminar/webinar for all those who had been looking for information on the project so they could hear the Carrickmacross story and learn from it and possibly proceed with their own projects. That seminar is now scheduled for next Wednesday 11th November at 7.30 pm and the local committee is inviting anyone in the local community to participate. There is no charge. All you have to do is register online using the code below.

The webinar should be very interesting as it tells the story of how Carrick Tidy Town Committee, with the support of local authorities and financial sponsors, went about influencing government national policy with regard to plastic recycling. The matter was discussed at the recent municipal district meeting and has generated great interest among local politicians as well as national figures.

So, if you are interested, the local Tidy Town Committee would love to see you tune in on Wednesday evening next at 7.30pm. Here is the code to register participation in the coming days prior to the webinar:

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