Carrickmacross/ Carhaix Town Twinning Annual Meeting 2015.

Carrickmacross/ Carhaix Town Twinning Annual Meeting 2015.

The Annual General Meeting of the Carrickmacross / Carhaix Town Twinning Association was held in the Shirley Arms Hotel on 25th January 2015. The activities for 2014 were reviewed and the plans for 2015 were presented. Those present at the meeting were delighted with the success of the trip by members of the music school to Carrickmacross in April 2014.

It was agreed to take part in the St. Patrick’s Day parade as a means of continuing to highlight the work of the Association. 2016 will mark the twentieth anniversary of the successful twinning and a number of special events are planned to mark this milestone.

During 2015, the Association was represented at the St. Patrick’s Day parade and hosted two young students from Carhaix who visited Carrickmacross as part of their studies.

photo-sandrine-carrickmacrossSandrine le Cocquen is a student of engineering in the university of Nancy and she arrived in Carrickmacross on Saturday, 5th April and spent two months living and working in Carrickmacross, perfecting her English. During her time in Carrickmacross she worked with a local engineering company, an insurance brokers, a shoe shop and and a supermarket. Sandrine also visited a second-level town in the school and helped to prepare some classes for the upcoming oral French Leaving Cert. Exam. She featured in the Northern Standard newspaper on two occasions and gave an excellent account of her time in Carrickmacross.


Klervi Hamon has graduated from university with a degree in geology and is studying for a Masters in land and soil erosion at the N.U.U. in Coleraine. She took time off from her studies to visit Carrickmacross in early July and spent some time with a local family. Klervi’s sister was a member of one of the first groups to visit the town almost twenty years ago. She enjoyed her visit to the town and hopes to return for a longer stay in the near future.


The Carrick Rovers soccer club are finalising plans for a visit to Carhaix in late October to play a local team for the Coupé de Jumelage and will host the Carhaix team on a return visit as part of the twentieth anniversary celebrations in 2016.

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