The Executions of 1916

The Executions of 1916

irish tricolour-1There were 16 executions as a result of the Easter Rising; 15 took place between 3rd May and 12th May. They were mostly carried out under the orders of General Maxwell who had assumed his authority to do so under his own declaration of Martial Law.

The executions were the main reason for the turn about in public opinion. Initially the majority of people felt that the Rebels had stabbed England in the back during her time of need in World War I, but soon after the deaths of the 16, people changed their minds. The first 15 were shot but Roger Casement was not given a soldier’s death and was in fact hung by the neck.

Of all the 1916 executions – all 15 executions took place between 3rd and 12th May, 1916, and in commemoration of these events, there will be a talk in the Civic Offices, Ardee Road, Carrickmacross, on Thursday the 12th of May at 5:00 p.m., to tell the stories of those involved from the Carrickmacross and Monaghan Area. Everyone is welcome to this short talk.

May 3rd 1916 – Kilmainham Gaol

Pádraic Pearse
Thomas Clarke
Thomas MacDonagh

May 4th 1916 – Kilmainham Gaol

Joseph Plunkett
Edward Daly
Michael O’Hanrahan
Willie Pearse

May 5th 1916 – Kilmainham Gaol

John MacBride

May 8th 1916 – Kilmainham Gaol

Eamon Ceannt
Michael Mallin
Sean Heuston
Con Colbert

May 9th 1916 – Cork Detention Barracks

Thomas Kent

May 12th 1916 – Kilmainham Gaol

Sean MacDiarmada
James Connolly

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