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Donaghmoyne Development Co. Ltd


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The Donaghmoyne Community Development Co. Ltd was formed in 1992 and the aim of the group is to improve and develop the village of Donaghmoyne. We put this aim into two categories

  • Village enhancement
  • Restoration of old buildings


1. Village enhancement
This was done by constructing stone floor beds at various places around the village and putting large stones on each road into the village with the name of the village cut into each stone in Irish, and then building around with smaller stones to five the affect of a small stone wall around the larger stone. Extra ground was given free by a local farmer to provide a car park around the Church, Graveyard and School and this will be covered in tarmac and lined in 2002. Tress and a hedge have been planted along this area by Pat Callan, who runs his expanding garden centre business in the parish. The County Council erected outside lights outside the Church which lights up the road in front of the Church. Piers and gates have been erected at the Post office and across from the school. These gates have been redesigned in the old Trench style gates.


2. Restoration of old buildings
This of course had to be St. Michael’s Church, Donaghmoyne. This church was originally built in 1824, with improvements made in 1907 still preserved in the architecture of the present building. In the year 1977, when the Rev A. Duffy was parish priest, an architect’s report established that the structure of the Church was in urgent need of extensive repair. Rather than embark on a refurbishment programme it was decided to build the present new Church of St. Lastra and vacate the Church of St. Michael and St. Victor. The last masses in the Church were held in the month of September 1981.

The problem then arose as to what to do with the old Church. It was thought that the building should be preserved rather than demolished. After much discussion it was decided that it might be usefully used as a sport and recreational centre with the possibility of some social activities.

In the year 1999 the Clogher diocesan authorities leased it to the Donaghmoyne Community Development Committee to use it for these purposes. Grants were obtained from various funding agencies, including Peace and Reconciliation, the Lotto, the Ireland Fund, Department of Social Welfare Monaghan County Council, Monaghan County Partnership, People in Need, for its refurbishment and furnishing. There was also a Time Capsule run in the parish to raise funds and this is buried in a volute in the Church which will open in 125 years (2126).

Work commenced on the restoration of St. Michael’s in November 1999 by voluntary workers and FAS workers from the parish. Around the church was excavated and stoned and concrete pads were laid around the church. The old plaster was striped of the inside of the church and the stone was then sand blasted.

There were two remains of priests removed from the inside of the church and reburied in the cemetery. The Bangor Blue slates and the large pine beams are still the originals from 1824.

The finished product today is 75ft long by 34ft wide with a kitchen area, storeroom, office, toilets, and showers, snooker room and a viewing balcony. The hall is wheelchair accessible and the local school children use the hall for various activities. We have a Little Scholars Community Playgroup started, with two full time teachers employed. Card games run in the winter months, aerobics on Tuesday night, computer classes on Wednesday night and band practices on various evenings. This year County championships for the Snooker Club will also be held here.

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